Tuesday, 30 September 2014

London Fashion Week Street Style

London Fashion Week. Now lets not be unrealistic, of course I didn't get tickets and couldn't see the shows but what's the next best thing? STREET STYLE
All those amazingly dressed individuals rocking whatever they love to rock. Heaven!
And it is safe to say I met some of the coolest people ever, with some of my favourite pals..

Starting with a shameless selfie, this is me and Chloe looking fabulous in her Topshop skirt teamed with matching monochrome River Island handbag. River Island seem to be killing it recently, as that is also the label on my trousers; bought specially for the occasion. 

Next is this lovely lady who couldn't have looked cuter with her leather mouse ears cap. Oddly though, my favourite feature of her outfit has got to be her nail art!

These two beautiful models Chloe captured and I can completely understand why. Somehow they couldn't look more different but I love them equally. I'm not one for bright colours but her blue hair looks stunning and two-pieces are a favourite of mine; particularly from Topshop and MissGuided, their co-ordinates are always on point. 

I have always been fond of tattoos and can't wait to make my mind up on my own (I'm sure I'll begin  posting about tattoo designs soon enough), but this guy nailed it! A tattoo artist, soon to be designer, his Instagram is @weswesfreshink and he is definitely one to watch. Go check him out!!

So Scott Disick.

Here is another of my favourites! (Instagram: @hannahlouisef ) She is a law student and fashion blogger and I am in love with her poncho, let alone her whole wardrobe!

This is what I wore to fashion week. River Island trousers tracked down on ASOS for £35 with my ASOS platform sandals, a high neck knitted black cami from New Look and my Topshop chunky knit bomber caridgan.. A serious must have fyi! I wear it near enough everyday. 
I am incredibly into the 90s young Kate Moss trend at the moment and had been really struggling to find a pair of loose fit trousers that modernised her style. These £35 high waisted River Island ASOS trousers are perfection; ideal comfy smart fit and a faint grey check pattern which will go with so many styles and colours. 
Being at sixth form, I find them wonderful for everyday but would also be willing to wear them out with a lace cami top for example that I can't sadly wear to sixth form. 
They also come with a stunning belt which unfortunately can't be seen in these pictures as I tracked down a small chunky leather belt to suit my early Kate Moss obsession at the moment.

I also can't wait to wear these with heeled boots in the winter, eeeeek!

Another treasure that I had the pleasure of meeting is the darling Charlotte Fisher (Instagram: @charlottefisher and @charlottefisherswardrobe) I always love what she wears and she seems to be that little more darling with colour than me, so I'm hoping to take some inspiration from her this coming winter. 

These guys were just my style, complete black. 

Sorry for the spam of photography, I hope you realised how much I loved my day at Somerset House with some of the best people.

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

I stripped and got changed in a forest for these photos

Experimentation in fashion is vital to find your style and this week I have been experimenting with some Modern Victorian/Boho styles. Collections of wristbands, embroidered delicate tops and rustic leather boots are must-haves. 

  Charity Shop £3- originally from Next, kids department
Teamed with my Topshop black Joni jeans- favourite jeans 
Comfiest fit but always look great and can easily be dressed up

This was Sarah's top and from Miss Selfridge quite a few months ago now unfortunately. I found out, she has never worn this beauty!!! Love the embroidery and the arms on this top are an amazing bat-wing style; not usually a style I am drawn to but this one won me over with lace and well its overwhelming beauty.

Finally, these are my Kurt Geiger black leather ankle boots I managed to track down on eBay. I love them to pieces and can't wait until it gets that little bit colder to get my wear out of them. They go with everything and can complete any and every outfit but most of all they're KURT GEIGER and make me feel fabulous. 
So try mixing it up a little. 
Change can be difficult but it's style and it's meant to be messed with. You might think you've found yours but there's always more clothes to fall in love with. 

Monday, 15 September 2014

Rock it from Rokit

This is an incredibly belated post but I finally went to Camden and I'm in love with my future home! Vintage shops have always been a passion of mine, and charity shops are my first love, but Rokit is a new level. A vintage clothing and accessories shop, Rokit first opened in 1986 in Camden  Town and has since grown in stores and the treasures they sell. 
Already wearing my "Mom" jeans from Topshop, and a Ted Baker black embellished vest from a local Charity Shop, I purchased at Rokit the cardigan shown above for just £13!!!!!!! 

I adore the combination of patterns and materials it is made from and couldn't be happier with my first winter purchase. There are so many beautiful colours within it meaning it will go with so much and can immediately add that vintage touch to any modern outfit, mixing the eras!  

Once again this is all Sarah's fabulous photography and I had the cutest day with her putting up with me stopping at every market stool.
Can't you just tell how excited I am in the pictures above?!
So go and check out Camden if you haven't already, and if you have, then.. well, go again! I know I can't wait to!!!
I hope you find some equally tremendous treasures

Monday, 20 January 2014

Urban and Rural

This is my first post dedicated to an item of clothing; a Charity Shop item of clothing. You'll notice that my URL for this blog is "charityshopcouture". Charity shop shopping has always been a big influence on my interest in fashion and I have practically grown up in the charity shop where my mum has volunteered since before I was born. The wonderful team of volunteers in the shop are always picking out items they think I'll like or giving their opinions on items I try on and I appreciate their enthusiasm towards my fashion sense, I really do.
Practically all of my wardrobe is second hand clothing; whether that be from ebay or the Charity Shops I visit regularly, and whilst I love going on a shopping spree in Topshop or a spend up in Primark, vintage clothing is what I love and unique items are only truly found in charity shops.

Recently I bought a white shirt with black lace covering the chest and neck area. As a rather smart item, it wasn't something I would usually go for and it returns slightly to my preppy style that I wore in late 2013. Nonetheless I couldn't help but buy it and my friends' "Urban and Rural" gave me the perfect opportunity to have it photographed.
Hannah and Myself

I am a fan of dark colours in these winter months and in this outfit in particular the crisp white in the shirt highlights the rich burgundy tones in the coat and most importantly, the classy black. 

Coat £35 h&m

Beneath my shirt I wore a black lace bra-let although not entirely noticeable. 

I am also wearing my favourite boots. They are black with a red tinge, patent ankle boots with cut-outs. They are from my favourite shoe website shoebou.com who are perfect for ankle boots or heeled boots and are affordable and good quality! Here I am wearing them with fringed Topshop socks which I am in love with and feel complete the look.

These shorts are from Topshop a while back now. They have a frill detail around the leg and buttons going up the side. I simply adore them and they can be either smart or casual. 
I would best describe this look as smart grudge as it; much like a lot of my outfits, is based around a shirt which is smart and classy, however it is dressed down with the baggy cardigan and coat. The colours simply add to the grunge feel. 
Cardigan - Charity shop (with adjusted buttons- I am an enthusiast of customising clothing to suit your style)

Chloe and Sarah are two brilliant aspiring photographers and I absolutely love helping them out and as you can see, the shirt is truly beautiful. Alright, so the shirt may not to be to everyone's taste but isn't that was fashion is all about? Or more importantly, style. My style choices are a way for me to communicate and feel good about myself and my purchases must reflect that. What can be better than getting yourself some genuinely vintage clothing; individual and fashionable, whilst giving money to charity?

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

White Christmas and a late Happy New Year

I know this post isn't about fashion (and it's very late) and I'm sorry about that but I simply had to share with everyone about my most wonderful of Christmases!!!
Christmas 2013 I had the pleasure of spending Christmas in Canada and let me tell you, I felt like I was in the North Pole. 1) because of the temperatures and 2) because of the 2ft of ice encasing everything and that was underneath the ft of snow! It was a true white Christmas.
With all this beautiful snow came power shortages and water shortages unfortunately (ironic really- there was so much water outside). And whilst it made me panic to say the least when Christmas morning came and we still had no contact with the outside world, or a working shower for that matter, I put on my Topshop Boutique pink jumper and embraced the Christmas spirit. It was that spirit that kept us going I believe. Cooking our dinners on the fireplace and using melted icicles to wash our faces; we had resorted to old age tactics and whilst they were difficult and not how you expect to spend Christmas; it definitely brought our family and friends together closer.
Oh I forgot to mention, we were staying with friends and it was these friends who helped me take the following pictures of beautiful Canada; where they are lucky enough to live.

On Christmas Day I wore my coral pink Topshop Boutique jumper (only £3.50 because I found it in a Charity Shop) and a sale Topshop blouse (£10) with Abercrombie and Fitch Jeans (£5 in a Charity Shop)
Whilst I am definitely one for dressing fancy in the right situation, who would turn down those bargains?!
Charity Shops are my heaven.

Thank you friends and family for a brilliant and beautiful Christmas, I wish everyone a happy new year.

Saturday, 26 October 2013


Alice in Wonderland is such a magical story and having had the opportunity to play Alice in the stage version in year 9 of school, I love everything about the character. I would lying if I said I had never put on an Alice band and stepped out my front door wishing I was stepping into Wonderland. So when I acquired my precious new and most treasured item of clothing; the Topshop "Organza Insert Calf Skirt", I considered that a real life Alice may be my calling in life.
I had hovered over the "checkout" button of my Topshop basket for at least 8 weeks, deliberating over whether spending £48 on a skirt that I would adore too much to actually wear was a bit excessive and I surprised myself when I managed to close down the website without the purchase. That was until I realised that the skirt and I were meant to be together.
Then something magical happened...
My close pal and fashion friend G had spent an evening engrossed in eBay- a little activity I find myself doing way too often and resulting in an ugly competitive side to myself appearing. And she found the skirt. In my size; she found the skirt. And she bid on the skirt, and she won. Consequently; G had to pay for a skirt that was not her size as a result of the excitement and exhilaration that eBay can cause in someone when you find the perfect item for a perfect price. So I bought the skirt off her; impulsively and spontaneously, and I think it was one of the best decisions I have ever made.
I now ask myself where do I wear this skirt? As a 16 year old girl in sixth form with a dress code which I wouldn't describe to be restricting but is in no way "expressive", I found I encountered the problem of little opportunity to wear the beautiful item. So instead I saved it. Until the day my friend Aarah asked to photograph me in the skirt, for an Alice in Wonderland inspired shoot; to say I was excited is an understatement.
I got myself dressed in the most Alice-esque manner possible and it is safe to say I felt like I was in my personal Wonderland (as juvenile as that sounds). Here are some of the results of Aarah's talented photography skills, and the skirt's indisputable beauty.

Shirt - £3 Primark 
Jumper- £3 Local Havens Hospice Charity Shop (you'll come to realise that I practically live in there)

Dr. Martens - TK Maxx (I cannot remember how much they were exactly but I believe about £50) 
They are the ultimate boot. Knee high, leather and statement.

Aarah provided the most wonderful of props. A vintage perfume bottle of her Mum's which I would have stolen from her but she's too lovely to do that. 
And below, a watch of Aarah's, which I offered to buy from her but she was having none of it. 

Although not a clear shot, the coat - £35 H&M (also features in my previous post- New and overexcited)
This shoot was so much fun; as it always is working with Aarah, and I couldn't be more honoured and delighted to have been chosen to represent the character of Alice. Her photography is top notch, don't you agree? 
I apologise to Aarah for how difficult I was but you must understand how I was not pleased with the idea of this skirt being in a dirty forest for it's first appearance but it most certainly was a grand and purposeful first appearance. I may even start wearing it to sixth form; it may not be my wonderland but maybe the skirt will add that bit of fairy-tale charm.
It's astonishing, don't you think, how a simple item of clothing can completely transform how you feel. Maybe that's a reason in itself to wear it everyday, to feel 100% enchanted, like I've just fallen down a rabbit hole, but without looking like that I hope.